Episode 50 - 2024-03-14 - Former banker Will Barney reveals the secrets of the Natural Law Trust

3 months ago

This webinar continues on the importance of private irrevocable trusts, the secrets of the super rich, how these "sovereign" and "natural law" trusts differ from other types of trusts, and all the things you need to know to operate them successfully, accumulate wealth safely in them, and protect your assets in ways that have advantages over other approaches. For those who would like to consider becoming professional trust writers or professional trustees, this is the foundational basic training that is a prerequisite. Many customers and prospective customers of the House of Freedom International Natural Law Trust have asked for more extensive education around the whole topic of natural and common law trusts. This is it! Upcoming trust webinars: to be announced in the newsletter - - expected to continue and to be announced thereafter - -

The times will be:
7:00 PM USA Eastern (GMT -5)
4:00 PM Pacific (GMT -8)
1:00 PM Hawaii Time (GMT -10)

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