"Squirrel Attack!"

AFVVirals Published March 12, 2018 677 Plays

Rumble "Don’t you think that squirrels are cute? So did we, but after seeing this video we are not sure anymore. This girl sitting on the bench, minding her own business and suddenly - here comes the crazy squirrel! For no reason at all, this cutest ball of fur attacked the unsuspecting girl. Wow! That’s some feisty little animal!nIf you think that a cute little squirrel can be an ideal pet, you couldn’t be more wrong. After all, no matter how adorable they look, they are still wild animals. Squirrels are highly energetic and destructive animals. They are larger than most rodents kept as pets, and they have no real history of domestication. They are hard to cage and can cause a lot of problems around the house. They bite everything - from the furniture to humans, so we can safely say they aren’t the greatest companions. Although we couldn’t stop laughing, this girl probably didn’t have such a great time. She’s obviously not the greatest fan of squirrels after this!"