Smart Bulldog Learns How To Roll Over, With A Little Yummy Help

Published March 11, 2018 1,540 Views

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesWho in their right minds would associate an English Bulldog with something athletic, like rolling over? If we didn’t know any better, we would bet that the term “couch potato” comes from this particular breed of dog, that looks very much like the starchy, tuberous vegetable. But every dog deserves the opportunity to shine and Porkchop here, very appropriately named by the way, shows just how little it takes to motivate a chubby dog like him into doing something other than couch-potatoing!

With the help of his owner’s steel nerves and a few motivational piece of kibble, <a href="" target="_blank">Porkchop</a> the couch potato turns into Porkchop, the rotisserie potato. Look at him roll!

A Bulldog would not be a genuine Bulldog is he didn’t stare down at his owner, while he begs him to do something other than lay down. Porkchop does the same when his owner tells him to “<a href="" target="_blank">roll over</a>”, all the while dangling that delicious bit of kibble in front of his hungry nose. Of course he will chase that morsel to the end of the world!

To our great surprise, the chubby pup actually manages to get a grip of the trick pretty fast and by the end of the video, no morsel is required for Porkchop to take one rotation around his own axis for a bit of a “good boy”. He even looks leaner, don’t you think?

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