Royal Insider: Kate Middleton Was Murdered in 'Illuminati Blood Sacrifice'

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2 months ago

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The Princess of Wales Kate Middleton was murdered in an Illuminati blood sacrifice, according to Princess Diana’s best friend who also revealed the ritual killing had long been been planned as part of the royal family’s dark occult traditions.

The fact that Kate would be offed has been an open secret among the British aristocracy for years, according to Christine Fitzgerald, who claims that just like her friend Princess Diana, Middleton was carefully chosen for the sacrificial role due to her personality and bloodline.

As the public in Britain and around the world demand the royal family release proof of life, the woman who was once Diana’s best friend is urging the world to wake up to the dark truth about the Luciferian House of Windsor.

As Christine Fitzgerald explains, Middleton’s personality and bloodline was perfect for the role of royal ritual sacrifice.

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