This dog is ridiculously relaxed at the vet's office

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Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesDexter is a large Maremma Sheepdog with a very lovable and relaxed disposition. He's not one to get anxious about anything. Even a trip to the veterinarian doesn't bother Dexter, as it would for most dogs. Dexter can be seen lying at his owner's feet in the most comical position as he demands affection.

He lives on a small farm near Peterborough, Ontario, and he truly lives the good life. Dexter has a few acres of grass, a large wooded lot, and plenty of surrounding farmland where he can run and explore with his girlfriend, Stella. Stella is a gorgeous Bernese Mountain Dog and she is equally lovable.

Dexter's trip to the vet is actually nothing to be so calm about. If he only knew that his owner, Eric is planning with the veterinarian to have Dexter neutered. Luckily, Dexter doesn't speak enough people talk to know what the visit is really about. All he cares about is that he gets plenty of attention and a steady supply of liver treats. Sherbrooke Heights Animal Hospital in Peterborough is a clinic where the staff are unusually concerned with the emotional aspect of the pet's experience. Dexter actually enjoys these appointments so much that he pulls on the leash to get in the door.

Dexter's situation has actually gotten out of hand twice now. Dexter has sired two litters of puppies with Stella already and Eric has been far busier than he was prepared to be.

Dexter and Stella's story of unplanned parenthood can be seen in the video: Young love results in 9 adorable fluffy puppies.

Dexter and Stella were wonderful parents to their first nine pups, and they are doing a great job with the thirteen new pups, but it's time for Dexter's romantic career to end.

Dexter might not be nearly so relaxed if he learns what the word "neuter" means.


  • enkeithepug, 1 year ago

    Oh wow, this is adorable. Our two love the vets as well, well Enkei definitely loves it! Sanka is not so sure. Enkei is like popular and almost feels famous when he visits the vets I think...

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  • einsteinparrot, 1 year ago

    What a cuddler!

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