Faith & Freedom: Jonathan Gilliam, Pastor Lucas Miles, Dr. Jason Dean, & Alexis Wilkins

28 days ago

We have an amazing show with our guests today – make sure to stick around to the end to hear my breaking news! Former Navy SEAL and FBI agent Jonathan Gilliam discusses the border crisis and President Biden's inaction, Pastor Lucas Miles discusses how society now views good as evil, and evil as good, Dr. Jason Dean discusses the motives behind Bill Gates's plan to eliminate the farming industry and finally artist and songwriter Alexis Wilkins highlights her determination to make a difference by marrying conservative values with action through her music.

[1:45] Shemane welcomes Former Navy SEAL and FBI agent Jonathan Gilliam discusses the border crisis and President Biden's inaction; how President Biden is risking serious damage to America's national security; Trump and Biden’s different approaches to classified information; criticism of Congress for not doing enough to address national security threats; the American people need to stand together and force those in power to do their job or remove them; Jonathan shares about his book "Sheep, No More"
[13:58] Author of “Woke Jesus” Pastor Lucas Miles returns to share his reaction to President Biden's promise to restore Roe v. Wade; the importance of Christians using their voice and standing up for what is right; the contradiction between being a Christian and supporting abortion; areas where society is compromising on values; how cultural Marxism is invading American society through universities and K-12 education
[24:40] Dr. Jason Dean joins the show to discuss the potential motives behind Gates's plan to eliminate the farming industry; the push to replace animal products with plant-based alternatives, including the use of petrochemicals and the impact on wildlife; how plant-based farming is inhumane and takes nutrients from the soil, leading to nutrient deficiencies in food; returning to regenerative farming and hunting practices can provide healthier food with less animal consumption; the importance of getting back to real foods and nature to improve health
[34:50] Artist and songwriter Alexis Wilkins joins the show to share her passion for country music; a voting initiative called "Your Vote Counts" to encourage people to exercise their right to vote and make their voices heard; Alexis shares her frustration with the lack of grit and gumption in her generation and the music industry; determination to make a difference by marrying conservative values with action; where you can follow and support Alexis

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