L.A. Superior Court Candidate Ronda Dixon Joins Jesse! (#351)

1 month ago

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On this week's episode of TheFallenState TV, host Jesse Lee Peterson is joined by Ronda Dixon—She is an attorney, founder of the Dixon Justice Center, and a candidate for LA County Superior Court. Ronda's remarkable career and community involvement take center stage as she shares her journey with Jesse. Recognized as Woman of The Year in 2009 for her outstanding community contributions, Ronda founded a nonprofit organization aimed at assisting individuals struggling with substance abuse problems, facilitating the rehabilitation of hundreds of people dealing with drug, alcohol, domestic violence, and child abuse issues. In this compelling conversation, Jesse and Ronda delve into her legal career, community activism, and vision for justice in LA County. Don't miss this episode, where Jesse and Ronda explore pressing social issues and the transformative power of community engagement. They touch on politics, religion, black mess, anger, success, and much more! Tune in on Friday at 12 Noon Pacific Time / 3:00 PM Eastern Time to catch our Premiere!

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