Restoring The Foundations: God's Strategy To Save America • The Todd Coconato Radio Show

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Restoring The Foundations: God's Strategy To Save America • The Todd Coconato Radio Show


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Join Todd Coconato on a journey of spiritual awakening and national restoration as he delves into the urgent call for America to return to its foundational values. In this compelling sermon, explore the power of scripture and the significance of repentance, righteousness, and revival in rebuilding our nation's moral and spiritual fabric. From 2 Chronicles 7:14's plea for humility and prayer to Matthew 7:24-27's metaphor of building on solid ground, Todd intricately weaves together timeless truths to inspire action and transformation. As we stand at a crossroads in history, Todd challenges us to be the salt and light our nation desperately needs, ushering in a new era of hope, healing, and divine favor. Tune in to Todd Coconato's Radio Show and join the movement to restore the foundations of faith and freedom in America."

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