Tall People Problems = Shattering The Ceiling

AFVPublished: March 8, 2018
Published: March 8, 2018

You have heard about the Long Jump but have you heard about the Tall Jump? If you have heard of the Tall Jump, it's not all of what people make it out to be, it has its problems (like shattering the ceiling).

A man and teen boy take turns jumping vertically, trying to hit their heads on the ceiling. The super tall teen boy (who looks to be somewhere between six-foot, seven-foot) hits his head and puts a hole in the ceiling. Like I said, tall people problems = shattering the ceiling with your head. Here are some other tall people problems:

1. You HAVE to look down: not seeing short people as they walk by, so you almost accidentally walk into them.

2. Gentle Green Giant: <---what they call you when you "accidentally" wear all green to the party.

3. "Do you mind? ... I can't reach :("

4. Custom Desiigner: when you have to travel through the wolves to find a pair of jeans that actually fit your waist to leg length ratio.

5. First! Let's take a selfie: when your crew wants to take a selfie but you're like a full skyscrapper taller than everyone else... so you end up getting cut out of the picture.

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