Monkey Shows Man His Butt Every Time Man Snaps His Fingers

AFVPublished: March 8, 201810 views
Published: March 8, 2018

Monkeys can be playful and mischievous and that takes form in a number of different ways.

This man is VERY surprised when he finds out this monkey has a clever trick…

The man is at the zoo with some friends when they come up to a monkey exhibit at their local zoo. This particular monkey appears to be a Rhesus Monkey or the Rhesus Macaque. It is known as a a species of Old World monkeys. This family of monkeys includes macaques, baboons and proboscis monkeys.. What makes them "old world" is that most of these monkeys are native to Africa and Asia with speculation about a few species in southern Europe. This is in comparison to new world monkeys which are native to central and southern America. This particular Rhesus Macaque is alone in his cage when we see him in the video though their groups can range from 20 individuals to 200. What we do see is that the man in the video snaps his fingers and the monkey responds by mooning him.

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