Young Girl Slams Into Glass Door While Trying To Enter Home

AFVPublished: March 8, 2018
Published: March 8, 2018

Sometimes we come across home design decisions that make us wonder, What was the point of that?

Glass doors and windows are a secret weapon built just to take out kids.

From the looks of this video, it appears that this is grandma and grandpa's home and the grandkids are coming to visit. We have no clue why they were filming it. Maybe they wanted to film the joyous reunion between grandparent and grandchild. However, this trip does not quite start out on a harmonious note. The grandfather hears the knocking of his visiting family members and wanders into frame to open the doors. Or perhaps he was called beforehand to come open the door. The grandfather opens up the white and glass door to greet the kids. However, what his granddaughter did not know was that there was a second door. Actually, hold on, on a second look through it appears that this man has at least three doors. Why do you have so many doors, grandpa?

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