Woman Filming Backyard Accidentally Falls Into The Pool

Published March 8, 2018 40 Views

Rumble There is a gratuitous reading of America's Funniest Home Videos as a series of videos that should be titled, "What Not To Do." This particular clip would fall under the subhead, "Pay Attention". That said, if this woman had we wouldn't be here.

You would think nothing would go wrong during a backyard tour but this is AFV so…

The woman in this clip appears to be giving either a tour of her new house or she is looking at a house that is up for sale for someone else. We have to admit as filthy apartment dwellers this place does not look too bad. Sure, the lawn could use some love and care but the patio space looks decent. The pool appears to be a good size. It is a bit unclear how the backyard connects to the house since the door behind the woman goes all the way through to the front. More investigation is needed on this one. Still, the woman in the video appears to be excited for the possibilities of this house.

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