"Two Cats versus One Laser Dot"

AFVViralsPublished: March 8, 2018
Published: March 8, 2018

"Have you ever wondered why cats love chasing laser dots? According to scientists, they see those laser pointer’s dots of light as alive things. The way a dot changes its direction intrigues them and they feel challenged to catch it. How crazy is that? And you would have that thought cats are way more intelligent than that! At the beginning of this video, we can see two cats standing a sofa patiently waiting for the best moment to jump and catch that red dot moving around on the wall. The first cat jumps and it falls behind the sofa literally gliding down the wall. No luck! Maybe the other cat can learn from its friends mistake and be more successful. It jumps and... behind the sofa it lands! No luck again! They are both defeated. The way they both disappear behind the sofa is absolutely hilarious! If you are a cat lover, this video will make your day for sure!"

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