A Man Drives Mom And Her Puppies On His Bike Seat

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Published: March 8, 2018

We are not sure if we should just accept the fact that there are odd people who do weird stuff on the road just because of their nature or have we become too hungry for instant Internet stardom, like the guy in this video. The filmmaker was driving on the street when he saw something he couldn’t resist filming: three tiny pups being driven together with their mom, on the backseat of a motorcycle. Our emotions are just bubbling up, we cannot make our minds between fear for their safety on one hand, and their overwhelming cuteness and daredevil balancing skills.

It is natural that people would stare at the gentleman who has just placed his dogs behind him, some may even judge and frown for the lack of planning of their safety. On the other hand, there are so many dogs that are brilliantly trained to share the seat that we can agree this feat was just an attempt at getting the pups used to rides like this. Look at the mom for example, look how accustomed she is. Instead of driving the like this, the motorcyclist could have chosen not to leave his puppies alone at home. He understands their feelings and doesn’t want them to experience any stress, fear or negative emotions. Besides, it has been scientifically proven that dogs feel like they’ve been abandoned for life when their owner leaves them at home alone even for a short period of time. No, he fears for their emotional health.

We know, everything would have been better and no one would have been alarmed about the site had he planned this trip more safely for the dogs. We are not talking about tiny puppy helmets but a nice box would do.

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