Teen Boy Jumps Bike Off Large Ramp Into A Lake

AFVPublished: March 8, 2018
Published: March 8, 2018

As long as water exists on this planet there will be teenage boys who attempt to jump off of a ramp into it. It is almost like a primal need to leap and fall into a pool of water.

A ramp stunt will always provide satisfaction either with a great win or an epic fail…

Here at America's Funniest Home Videos we have seen a number of ramp stunts. Usually the big problem is that the ramp is poorly built. So, you see a lot of people fail because the ramp breaks while they are on it. A lot of the fails see the person fall of the ramp without ever actually making it into the water. The ramp in this video is actually pretty solidly built. It doesn't shake or move when the kid starts riding his bike up it. In fact, up until the very end of the ramp you think that he is going to pull off a great trick. Alas, this is AFV, you know he is not really going to succeed.

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