"A Woman Tries to Do A Cartwheel, But Fails"

Published March 8, 2018 32 Views

Rumble "Have you ever tried to do a cartwheel? It's one of the basic gymnastic skills that almost anyone can learn, but you should have in mind that it may not be as easy as it seems when watching others do it. Still, it's possible to learn it, even in just one day. But, first, you need to start with a baby cartwheel and then work your way toward full rotation cartwheel. Unfortunately, the lady from our video has probably skipped the first step, but then failed badly! So, watch and learn - How not to do a cartwheel! It's probably much easier to master it if you start as a kid! Kids are just much more flexible than adults, but also fearless. They don't mind if they fall. They just get back on their feet and try again! We bet this brave lady would do it too if she just stops laughing!"