DISCLOSURE - URGENT: "They Poisoned All of Our Divine Humanity with Their Covid Targeted Bio-Weapon Injections Program"

3 months ago

Interview with our worldwide renowned American friend and advisor, Dr. Robert O. Young - Important Facts that now might save also your Lives - You all need to take Action Now!

Esteemed fellow Humans and Protectors of our respective Constitutions, dear Comrades of the United States and Swiss Military,

Pay Attention Now, this is for your own safeguarding of your own and that of your children's lives.

Emergency Instructions with Dr. Robert Young, United States, March 13th 2024 - All Humanity has been poisoned contaminated with a Swiss born and Swiss Government sponsored Military Grade Targeted Bio-Weapon, the lethal Global Covid Injections based on a criminal Covid PsyOp 2020-2023.

Watch this instruction recording we produced for you yesterday at noon out of California and follow the simple measures that are based on low cost and easily available ingredients, no Big Pharma prescription drugs. Dr. Young is also one of my treating medical science experts that are working intensively to salvage our family’s life.

You all need to act now, this is no longer a question of right vs left or Injected vs Non injected. Parents must immediately act to protect their children. We all are now transfected with this Military Grade Targeted Bio-Weapon.


Switzerland is now in the Crosshairs of the ongoing Global Defense War Special Military Operation that is also based on EO 13818 and has committed Serious Crimes against Humanity and Treason against the United States at War.




Anyone supporting or financing the Swiss Government is subject to the US Law of War Manual 2015 (updated July 2023) that is now also in force and applicable effective forthwith in Swiss Territory. The US Space Force tracks and monitors all global and military Satellite, GSM, www internet and Radio Communications. Rest assured that all actions are monitored in real time and are on record.


I am in full alliance during wartime with the US Space Force for the defense and protection of our Swiss Constitution and all People that are in the Swiss Territory.

I have duly reported on January 27th 2024 the former and current Swiss Governments and a long list of Supras, Banks, Corporates, Swiss State Judiciary and natural persons directly for committing serious Crimes against Humanity, Corruption and Treason without any legal assistance (no need for reporting Crimes against Humanity, Corruption and Treason during this current wartime) to the Secretary of Defense of the United States at wartime and of course also the JAG Corps Officers of the US Air Force, UASF, and the US Space Force, USSF.

We are at war and during wartime there is only friend or foe. All your actions are monitored, make no mistake and stay with the right side of History, the United States Military and her Allied Military Special Ops in this covert Global Defense War, planned to surface soon.

I don't call the shots, our current Wartime President and Commander-in-Chief of the United States, Donald J. Trump, has full control and command Authority over all US Military Forces and our Allied Military and Special Ops Partners at war, no one else. And this is good, not only for the United States but also for your very own Security, Well being and Prosperity, the world over and beyond.

You'll soon find out.

"The Sky is Not the Limit"️




Pascal Najadi



NB: Traitors and Fake Friends, your Absence is Required, permanently.

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