"Boy Falls Out of Zorb Ball on Ski Slope"

AFVVirals Published March 8, 2018 3 Plays

Rumble "It’s wintertime and after a fresh snowfall, there are so many fun activities to choose from! Snowball fights, making snow angels, building a snow fort, sledding or skiing, the list of possibilities can go on and on...However, we can all agree that rolling down the hill is one of the most exciting activities you can do outside in the snow. And if there’s a zorb ball involved, that’s just pure adventure! Running down the hill in a human equivalent of a hamster ball sounds like so much fun! At the beginning of this video, we can see two boys in large zorb balls rolling down the ski slope. Seems like they are having the best time! But wait… Oh-oh! They are about to slam into each other! As they crash, one of the boys falls through the hole in his inflatable ball and lands on the ground. He’s so confused, it’s hilarious! If you want to laugh out loud, you have to see this video!"