"Girl Accidentally Catches Paper Plate on Fire in The Microwave"

Published March 8, 2018 478 Plays

Rumble "Some people should really read the user manuals more carefully before they decide to use certain household appliances, like a microwave, for example, just to avoid unnecessary accidents like the one in this video. A girl accidentally catches paper plate on fire after using it in the microwave. OMG! She just thought that paper plates could go in the microwave! Well, some can, but not all of them! She obviously didn't check if that particular plate is microwave safe and it turns out that this one isn't. The girl totally freaks out, but fortunately, she wasn't there alone. Her roommates were there to help her out, but also to catch this hilarious moment and make one of the funniest household accidents videos we've seen in a while! But jokes aside, kids don't do this at home and always check what is and what isn't microwave safe before you decide to use it."