Boy Shakes With Excitement At Seeing Motorbikes Race For The First Time

6 years ago

Some people lose control over cotton candy or even a funny-looking fish. But Logan Cox happens to be tickled by motorcycles.
The adorable 2-year-old is just blown away - almost literally - while watching a motorbike race in England. The wide-eyed toddler can’t contain his excitement whenever a bike zooms by him at the British Grand Prix MotoGP.

He obviously loves bikes and every time he comes close to a bike his reaction is just brilliant. You can imagine his reaction when his mom and dad took him to a real Moto GP race. The video has over 40 million views which only proves that his reaction is exquisite.

And he is a unique child in that he takes enjoyment in motorcycling while some other children at his age might have burst into tears at the noise of bikes racing past. But Logan is captured on camera jumping for joy, beaming with smile and shaking with excitement as he watches the racers zoom past from behind a wire fence.

The boy also claps his hands and laughs in delight as he watches the bikes speed along the track. His favorite rider is Valentino Rossi who was actually racing that day.
So many views must have turned him into a real star in nursery because the video is heartwarming and shows Logan’s unbridled joy during a day at a motorbike race. It captures the adorable
youngster literally shaking with excitement as the powerful bikes whizz around the circuit, with a look of pure delight all over his face.

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