"Cat Scare Prank"

AFVViralsPublished: March 8, 2018
Published: March 8, 2018

"We all have that one friend who loves pranks. You know the kind, the one that would jump out the bushes in the middle of the night just to see that terrified look on your face. Well, here is the kitty which loves to scare her kitty friends. This little rascal hid inside the garbage can lid and patiently waited for his friend to start sniffing around it. Finally, he jumped out of the lid, leaving the other kitty terrified and confused. The look on its face is priceless! We had no idea that scare pranks are popular among the cats! How funny is that?nYou know, it’s not so hard to scare the cat. Cats are easy to startle by nature. They are scared of anything, and we mean anything! They are terrified of loud sounds, thunderstorms, unfamiliar surroundings, other animals, home appliances (the vacuum cleaner is the arch enemy of every kitty), even the humans! Apparently, our furry little friends aren’t as tough as they seem. Just take a look at our video and you’ll see how easily scared kitties can be!"

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