Why Are So Many Unwilling To Search For and See Truths with Asia Raine

2 months ago

Asia Raine is a courage advocate, life coach and silversmith with a healthy passion for truth.

Asia understands healing and integration as a powerful way to live life. She has learned that to be your own โ€œinner-archeologistโ€ is a birthright and a sacred endeavor - the quest of holiness that accompanies self-discovery. โ€œTo reclaim sovereignty of self is to celebrate your very existence.โ€
Dedicating over 25 years to her healing journey, she has found strength through her willingness to unearth and unravel the programming and effects of trauma. She has mastered the art of looking within to facilitate thorough healing and teaches others to do the same.

Her desire is to share her story as a way to inspire courage, foster compassion, and reclaim personal power, while validating those with similar experiences. She hopes to help cultivate healthy and purposeful communities.
She speaks firsthand about satanic ritual abuse, ceremonial torture, human experimentation and mental slavery. Her experience has taught her that life lived through courageous action is one of personal responsibility.
Asia is the podcast host of Letters To The People, holds a support group for people exiting the Mormon Church and holds seminars to help educate communities about ritual abuse and mind control.

Support Asia with purchase of her beautiful jewelry: Asiarainedesigns.com

Connect with Aisa:
Podcast: https://letterstothepeople.com/
Website: Asiaraine.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/asia.dutson
Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/voice.for.transformation
Instagram: @iam.asia.raine @asia_raine_designs @letters.to.the.people.podcast

Please leave a 5 Star Written Apple review if you enjoyed the podcast and share the link with family and friends https://apple.co/3PMKlT1 and subscribe to my Rumble Channel

Please leave a 5 Star Written Apple review if you enjoyed the podcast and share the link with family and friends https://apple.co/3PMKlT1 and subscribe to my Rumble Channel

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