Red Squirrel Turns The Tables On Prankster

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Published: March 7, 2018Updated: March 8, 2018

Peanut is a red squirrel who lives on a remote island in Parry Sound. He became very friendly with the cottagers who also lived on this island and he showed up every day, looking for peanuts. He became more and more tame until he would sit and eat peanuts while Dave and his family sat nearby. He will even take peanuts from their hand now.

Dave decided to have a little fun with Peanut and he left a peanut that was held down with an elastic band. He also put a camera on the deck to record Peanut's reaction. But Peanut showed that he was not a fan of being pranked and he cleverly turned the tables. Peanut immediately began to chew the deck with his razor sharp teeth. Taking chunks of wood off quickly, he was determined to get at the bottom of the elastic that held the peanut fast.

Dave saw what was happening and decided it was time to call a truce. He untied the peanut and left an even bigger pile for Peanut, hoping that all was forgiven.

Red squirrels are a delight for cottagers because they are easily tamed and willing to come close to gather peanuts or other treats. Almost as adorable as chipmunks, they can easily be convinced to take food from a child's hand. They spend their days collecting and storing food for winter. Although they primarily eat seeds from spruce and pine cones, red squirrels also love peanuts, corn and mushrooms.

Less than one quarter of the red squirrels born will survive the first winter. It's no wonder they take food gathering so seriously.

Harsh winters and lack of food stores are not the only threat to a young red squirrel. They are preyed upon by hawks, owls, foxes and wolves.

Hopefully Peanut will return to the cottage deck in the spring for more treats.

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