Why Being In A Horror Movie Can Destroy Your Relationship?

CrackedPublished: March 7, 2018Updated: March 8, 2018
Published: March 7, 2018Updated: March 8, 2018

The video you have the chance to see here is on one in the popular comedy series on Cracked.com. If you never heard of it before, or better put, if you have been living under a rock for the past ten years, Cracked is a humor website with over 300 million monthly page views. The website was founded in 2005, by Jack O’Brien and is currently owned by E. W. Scripps. It is descended from Cracked magazine, which dates back to 1958.

The series gained its popularity by standing from the crowd using to the point intellectual humorist observation on modern society dilemmas and phenomena: dissecting to the detail pop culture for comedy. The themes selected, usually dissect profoundly ambiguous standpoints about pop culture and life in general, ranging from which fictional apocalypse is the most fun to why being in a horror movie can destroy your relationship.

In the video you are about to see, Cracked authors explore the idea of living a life in a horror movie, or better put, being a serious and dedicated horror movie buff, so deeply immersed in horror movie storylines that you have completely lost touch with reality. Part from believing Wolfman owes you a personal favor and lifelong gratitude for saving his life, you also believe that life is just about the glinting TV screen and your cozy spot on the couch, you potato! Surprise, surprise, you just might lose someone you love.

We don’t want to spoil it for you by saying more. Pour yourselves a cup of coffee and enjoy the video!

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