Sisters Fight After Magic Trick Goes Wrong

Published March 7, 2018 351 Plays

Rumble Ahh, the constant ebb and flow of siblings and their relationships. It never changes, and yet, it somehow manages to remain humorous. Not in the moment, of course, but later when you reminisce over Thanksgiving dinners.

Only a sibling knows how to push your buttons, as these sisters know all too well…

The trio in of girls in this video are playing with a Magic Show box that comes with a number of simple tricks for beginner magicians to learn. We are not the most knowledgable about magic tricks but it appears that the two of the girls are attempting to learn how to use Chinese Linking Rings. Part of the trick with these solid rings is linking and unlinking the rings in a manner that makes it look as though the rings are passing through each other without opening. They are considered to be a classic of illusion magic. Truly adept magicians can weave multiple rings together in complex patterns and formations. The girl in the American flag butterfly t-shirt appears to have an early grasp of the rings and is teaching her sister who is slightly off camera.