Festive Great Dane Gets Ready For Saint Patrick's Day

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Published: March 7, 2018Updated: March 8, 2018

Katie the Great Day is getting ready for St Patrick's Day. Watch and laugh as she models her new shamrock hat. Bring on the green beer!

This festive Great Dane is counting down the days until this Irish celebration that is most famous for the countless amounts of beer that people drink over its name, and Katie here is getting ready for the spirit wearing the well-known Irish hat. Watch as this lazy girl flaunts her green shamrock hat while dozing off in the living room. Happy Holi-Dane!

Out of all the rare and unusual animals that have been caught on camera, this one has to be the most unusual one, a massive pooch with a ridiculously big hat, dressed in the spirit of Saint Patrick’s Day. Footage shows the lazy pooch with his slender body and long legs, comfortably resting on a chair, while her face is covered with the green hat resembling very much a dwarf leprechaun!

Relax, it is only Katie the Great Dane, eager to wear her Saint Patrick’s Day costume! Some like to dress up for Halloween, others can’t wait for Christmas, but this lovable pooch will do anything for the Irish holiday!

Max and Katie love the holidays. Max has given some serious thought to his Thanksgiving outfit and is giving a sneak preview of his collection of holiday hats. Katie's outfit is still a work in progress. This pair of massive canine siblings is a star duo online, what with their hilarious antics and their love for squirrels. Great Danes might look formidable, but they are just huge Teddy Bears!

Size notwithstanding, a Great Dane is a sweet, affectionate companion. They love to play and are gentle with children. Their disposition is a peaceful one, although they have yet to lose any of the courageousness that helped them hunt wild boar. Although they aren't particularly vocal, despite their killer power bark, they wouldn't hesitate to defend the family.

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