Kid Swallows Flashlight, Can See The Light In His Stomach

AFV Published March 7, 2018 129 Plays

Rumble Having kids, we should not be surprised at what they are willing to put in their mouths. And yet, somehow, we are always shocked at what kids are willing eat. By things, we mean, everything that is not actually food.

I have NO idea what compelled this kid to swallow a flashing light…

What a way to start your summer vacation though. The dad behind the camera mentions that his boys are just beginning their summer break from school. This Maryland based family has to go a hospital in Baltimore because the boy swallowed a flashing diode. Diode lights can be quite small. We did a little bit of research and found that some can be as small as a pill. So, it is not surprising that the light this boy ate was swallowable, though we are curious what his decision process involved. The dad says that they would normally not go to the hospital but that this diode has a battery. Yeah, you do not want a battery to dissolve in your stomach. So good choice there dad!