When A TV Show's Title Has Almost Nothing To Do With The Actual Show

CrackedPublished: March 7, 2018Updated: March 8, 2018
Published: March 7, 2018Updated: March 8, 2018

Don’t you just hate it when film titles have nothing to do with the actual contents of the film? How many times have you read a title and thought to yourself that it sounds promising but once you’ve wasted a good half of an hour watching it you realize that it was far from what the title promised and there is no way that you could ever retrieve those thirty minutes you’ve just wasted in vain? Seriously, people in the film industry need to think more about what the title portrays and then think some more.

Here we give you an example of the most misleading title in the history of TV shows. If you don’t think it exists, just you wait. The title of the show is no other than “Baj & Gunn” and you would think that it has to be a cop show, but no, you would be sorely mistaken. There are no badges and no guns involved in this story. In fact, Baj and Gunn are the last names of the two protagonists and other than the resemblance of their names to the actual police items, the two have nothing else in common, or so it seems.

Baj is a doctor and Gunn is a lawyer and they both meet at a restaurant when the waiter switches their receipts. Watch as the hilarity and the incredulity ensues with the two and make sure you tell us what you think of this hilarious title in the comments down below.

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