"Dancing Rebel: Boy Improvises His Own Steps"

AFVViralsPublished: March 7, 2018
Published: March 7, 2018

"Most of the children everywhere love performing dancing routines. And they can all get so incredibly proud of themselves when they are given an opportunity to showcase the dance moves they’ve learned during their dancing lessons. In this video, we see a group of kids in a school gym doing a dance routine using drumsticks and exercise balls instead of drums. Quite an unusual setup, to be honest! The fun part begins when an overachiever boy gets too excited and starts improvising a completely different choreography. The dancing routine everybody else is doing seems too simple and too boring for this little boy, so he improvises his own steps, moves, and turns. He is absolutely adorable in his rebellious act! The way he can feel and enjoy the music is so precious! You go, little guy, keep doing your thing! We are not gonna lie, we like your version of the performance better, too!"

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