"Cat Drinks Water From Fish Tank"

Published March 7, 2018 17 Views

Rumble "There is no doubt that fish flavored water is the most popular drink choice among cats all around the world. To be honest, cats adore fish flavored anything. This cat can’t help but drink up all that yummy water from the fish tank! The way she’s sipping it patently is absolutely hilarious. There’s no going back to plain regular water for this cat after trying the heavenly fish flavored kind! Let’s just hope that these fish don’t get too freaked out! How can a cat be so thirsty? Maybe this cat’s cunning plan is to drink up all the water from the tank so that she can get to the fish and eat them all one by one. Think of it as a two-course meal. As a starter you usually have a salad or, in this case, a soup, and then the main course follows. Good luck to the little fish completely unaware of their uncertain destiny!"

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