"The Most Adorable Little Zombie"

AFVVirals Published March 7, 2018 664 Plays

Rumble "This baby is the most adorable little zombie ever! Zombies are usually scary, but this one is the complete opposite. Have you ever seen such a cute zombie? We have not. It is the best thing ever. This little one is enjoying his bath time, and what better way to pass the time than with some fun games. In this case, the little baby decided to switch roles with, what is probably the most adorable zombie ever. The baby is trying to look scary, but the more he tries it, the more adorable he gets. He mimics the hands and the sound even. We have to say he is completely committed to his role. He probably thinks that he looks scary, but we would definitely not agree. This is the cutest zombie ever! Especially with that adorable growling sound. And his mom agrees. Wondering what can we expect next from this adorable and talented artist."