What If The Flintstones Series Was About Real Cavemen?

Published March 7, 2018 71 Plays

Rumble The video you have the chance to see here is on one in the popular comedy series “After Hours” produced by the Cracked, an American humor web site associated with the Cracked magazine.

The series gained its popularity by standing from the crowd using to the point intellectual humoristic observation on modern society dilemmas and phenomena: dissecting to the detail the pop culture for comedy. In the Webby-award-winning monthly show, we usually follow four friends/co-workers of Cracked.com who meet after work at their local diner. The conversations, which strongly reminds you of Sienfeld, usually result in profoundly ambiguous views about pop culture and life in general, ranging from which fictional apocalypse is most fun to why Batman is secretly sabotaging Gotham.

The series was launched on July 19, 2010 with an episode centered around the 1985 film “Back To The Future”. The series also integrates crudely animated segments; the characters' thoughts being illustrated by thought-bubbles or full-screen displays. Brain food for everyone!

Pour yourselves a cup of coffee and join them as they obsess over comics, movies, TV shows and what not!

Imagine if those hyper-intelligent interdimensional beings with the power to travel through space and time and manipulate reality we call aliens abused their supremacy and really interfered in human evolution? In this short video parody of a Flintstones’ setting, we can see the iconic Great Gazoo altering the premise and the dynamics of cavemen evolution by pranking a poor representative of the species.

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