"Adorable Baby Loves Doing Push Ups"

AFVVirals Published March 7, 2018 143 Plays

Rumble - "This adorable baby loves doing push ups and it is the cutest thing ever. His dad is exercising, and the baby decides to join him. When workouts get too much, and it seems impossible to continue, it is always good to have a friend there with you. The support system is the best thing ever, even when it comes to exercising. Just when you think you've had enough, and you are ready to quit the workout, your best buddy is there to cheer you up and motivate you to continue. In this case, the baby has decided to support his dad and exercise with him. Even though the baby is in great shape and needs no added exercise, he decided to do some push ups. Together, they are a sight for sore eyes. It is amazing to see how well they work together! What a wonderful family, and a great workout team!"