Sixteen-Year-Old British Lad Is Being Hailed As The Tallest Teen In The World

SWNSPublished: March 7, 2018
Published: March 7, 2018

A 16-year-old British lad is being hailed as the tallest teen in the world, standing at an incredible seven feet and four inches tall! In addition, doctors say lofty Brandon Marshall is still growing! Maybe his sporting dream has just fulfilled being picked for the Welsh National basketball team, but we bet he has troubles picking up a girl!

Footage shows what is assumed to be the tallest kid in Britain and most probably the world! Meet 16-year-old Brandon Marshall from Bury St Edmunds Suffolk, he holds the title - tallest teen in the world, and stands right around 7 feet 4 inches. He says that he was normal size until the age of nine, when he had a super-sized growth spurt. Amazingly, doctors say that he is still growing! Incredible!

Brandon currently undergoes testing at Addenbrooke’s hospital in an attempt to figure out why he is so tall. If nothing else, his height has paid off when it comes to sport. Brandon has been selected for the Wales National basketball team. So, there is something good in being different and much taller than your peers. We bet he feels like a giant around his classmates, and generally around other people as well!

This amazingly tall lad reminds us of the story of Gulliver’s travels, and he is like the Gulliver of teens. Footage shows Brandon playing basketball with a peer, but it looks like he is playing against a teen who is very petite. Actually it is Brandon who is triple his peer’s size!

Brandon's mum Lynne Quelch, 49, said: "I can't believe he's still growing”. Neither can we!

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