"Toddler Boy’s First Jalapeno"

Published March 7, 2018 1,203 Plays

Rumble "Even though jalapeno certainly is not the hottest food out there, props to this little boy for handling it like a boss! Jalapeno is one of the most popular chili peppers. However, it definitely isn’t the spiciest. Compared to other chilies, the jalapeno heat level can vary from mild to hot. Let’s take a look at this little boy’s experience of tasting this vegetable. In the beginning, it seems like he makes a decision to try some jalapeno just because he loved the sound of its Spanish name. Little did he know about the taste of that seemingly innocent vegetable… Eureka! “Hot! Jalapeno is hot! Jalapeno is hot!” The surprised look on his face as he discovers that jalapeno is hot is so precious! This adorable boy is shouting, but he is not crying. Although jalapeno is not what he’s expected it to be, he is not hating it! Mom, dad, that actually went well!"