"Young Boy Challenges Himself with a Jalapeno Pepper"

Published March 7, 2018 15 Plays

Rumble "A large number of people really like spicy food with hot peppers, and even some kids take it well. But having a big bite of a raw jalapeno pepper can be pretty challenging even for the most hardened of hot peppers fans, let alone children! Yet this little kid from our video decides to give it a try! Well, if you're curious to see how he's going to react to this little experiment, make sure you watch this video to the end. This funny boy takes a whole jalapeno pepper, and a glass of water turns on his camera and makes a short video to document the experience. He takes a bite and starts to chew, but just a second after his face turns red! But, what to do? Should he swallow, or should he spit it out? Will the water help? The scene gets totally hilarious, and you just don't want to miss it!"