Sweet Girl Has Adorable Reaction To New Puppy Surprise

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Published: March 7, 2018

Check out this little girl's gentle reaction to a new puppy addition to the family. Best friendship in the making!

Remember when you were little and you kept nagging your parents for a pet of your own? Usually it is a sign of growing up, showing that you are able to take care of another living thing. Our parents rarely gave into our demands for a pet, given how we were all so very young and still incapable of taking care of our own selves, let alone an animal. But we salute those who would let their kids have their wish, because that is how one becomes independent.

This little girl was secretly hoping to get a puppy one day. Little did she know that the surprise will come to her when she least expected it! Taking care of another living, breathing creature is indeed a huge responsibility, having to train the animal, making sure it always has fresh water to drink and enough food to eat and to make sure that it has a clean potty.

Footage shows a mom announcing to her daughter that she has a surprise for her, hiding somewhere in their car. The two of them are seen walking outside of their house and towards the trunk of their car.

Then, the little girl is told to hop in the trunk and look for clues to find her surprise! In no time, the chatty girl finds a tiny black puppy, comfortably resting among other bags. The little girl cannot contain her excitement and immediately asks if she can hold him and tries to come up with a name for the little ball of fur!

Puppies are really the one surprise that everyone will enjoy and the gift that keeps on giving! How would you have reacted to this surprise?

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