Polite Dog Rings Bell When She Wants To Go Outside

livenlavidalola Published March 6, 2018 14,858 Plays

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesThis is the adorable moment when one intelligent pooch has smartly learned how to ring a bell whenever she wants to go outside. What a clever pup!

Sometimes you just need to let those around you know that you demand their full and undivided attention! Well this super smart dog has found the perfect device to help her get her mom's attention whenever she wants to go outside! All she has to do is ring the little bell at the door!

Footage shows one patient pooch by the name of Lola, staring at owner like she has something on her mind and tries to communicate with owner via them puppy eyes! When owner asks ‘what’s up’, the obedient pooch goes at the door and rings the side door with its front paw! The well-trained dog has mastered the bell-ringing technique, and owner understands it as a cue to let Lola outside! What a strong bond these two have!
After being brought inside for barking at the neighbor's cat, this pooch has her ways of getting to go back outside to play and finds the perfect solution to help her realize her masterplan!

Hanging from the front door is a small bell, which is for Lola to use. Now, everytime Lola wants to go outside and let owners know that they need to open the door for her, all she has to do is to ring the bell and owner opens the door on command! How adorable!

It is hilarious how the obedient pooch doesn’t bark or show any signs of impatience, but she politely rings the door and waits for owner to get her message and let her go outside. What a smart dog!

Owner explains that Lola spends a lot of her time outside during the day as that is where she loves to be most, watching the people walk by and chasing leaves in the driveway!