EP89: How Capitalism Optimizes Redistribution of Wealth - Gracearchy with Jim Babka

4 months ago

Sharing Increases More With Capitalism - Not Under Socialism

Will the haters come out for this 19-minute episode?

Most people don't understand free-market capitalism. Even some of its defenders believe it's driven primarily by greed.

The opponents of capitalism think greed is sufficient reason to compel people to share. They call that socialism or redistribution.

In this episode, titled "How Capitalism Optimizes Redistribution of Wealth," we explain that...

* Socialism is not sharing.
* People want to share.
* Investors are engaged in a form of sharing.
* We "eat the rich"! That is, we directly benefit from wealth inequality.

Plus, "tax-the-rich" advocates don't really address greed by others; they're engaged in ENVY themselves. This envy costs you and me. That's why...

I have a killer question that exposes ENVY. You'll want to have this question in your pocket.

Sometimes our most interesting conversations happen off-air and are not recorded. Once in a while, we wish we had recorded.

This episode is an impromptu, post-show recording. I had no idea what Bill was going to ask me. But once I knew Bill's first question, we went back into studio mode.

As a result, there's one section I feel like I flopped. We'll see if you can pick it out. Perhaps you can send a message and give me helpful, constructive pointers for next time.

0:00 Theme
0:43 Why people share
3:01 Production precedes consumption
5:12 Why people produce
7:46 How we eat the rich
9:19 Envy of anti-capitalists
11:08 Tax the rich and YOU lose
17:21 What makes sharing possible

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