Big fat tick on dog. Watch the owner removing it.

BizarreVidsPublished: March 6, 2018Updated: March 7, 2018
Published: March 6, 2018Updated: March 7, 2018

As dogs like to play in green grass and fields they come in contact with many things including other dogs and animals.
But the one which you don't want your dog to meet is a tick.

Ticks can spread many infections in dog. They suck the blood from cute dogs.
They will only get off when they were pulled out or they are so filled with blood that they can't even make a hold on the skin.

I hope you won't see any of these on your dogs.

Just to make sure I will advise you to rub your fingers near the ears of your dog also the neck reason. They are most common to be in these places of the body.
Keep checking your dog.
These ticks are mostly found in the warmer countries. But they can be found anywhere. I read somewhere that these ticks can wait for 10 yeas without having food for their next food source.

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