Miniature Horse Hangs Out In Owner's Kitchen

Published March 6, 2018 2,588 Views $0.86 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsIf you allow this miniature horse into your house, you will find it sleeping on your couch and in your bed, and if you stroke its abdomen, it will quickly go to sleep. If it gets bored, it may want to borrow one of your toys. If it gets hungry it may search the fridge for a snack or more certainly it will rummage through the garbage bin. But we are not sure whether this miniature enjoys playing with the bin or it is in the mood of munching the leftovers.

It seems that this horse is a great companion and it loves attention from his owner. It is so gentle and its calm nature allows people to quickly become comfortable around it. With his affectionate nature, it follows the owner around and it just loves to be petted, scratched and brushed. Let’s not forget that carrots are what makes this miniature horse happy and leaves it with a sweet taste in its mouth ready for more games. It is friendly, playful and curious. The garbage lid definitely leaves the horse puzzled as to why it does not want to stay up in the air so it can uninterruptedly sniff and ruminate in the garbage.

With its lengthy and angled shoulders, long and flexible neck, well-formed forearms, wide-set eyes, large nostrils, pointed ears, the miniature gives an impression of a horse that perpetually seeks attention and is in a mood to play. In spite of its muscular nature, when finishes its unsuccessful attempt to open the bin, it moves to his owner smoothly and gracefully. Its easy-going attitude and love for social contact makes this horse even more likeable.