Crazy Silverback Taps Window with His Teeth to Get to Me Then Jumps On Top!!

AmandaBriggsPublished: March 6, 2018Updated: March 8, 201886,293 views
Published: March 6, 2018Updated: March 8, 2018

Crazy Athletic Silverback Taps Window with His Teeth to Get to Me Then Jumps On Top! He's The King of The World!! Or at least Omaha!! You've NEVER seen anything like this before. Kijito is QUITE the charachter. Gentle and observant if he has small children around otherwise he can be a very ornery and active 20 year old. We had been visiting regularly and boy does he like to pick on me. Here he tosses handfuls of sod beneath my window then takes a seat behind the large bubble window I'm laying back in. He then starts rapidly tapping his teeth on the window over and over getting frustrated like a child trying to open a plastic egg out of a quarter machine. The looks he gives me... I couldnt help but laugh. He was so curios and trying so hard to gain access (tried to open the window hinge earlier like a door latch) Then as I start to think he's going to wander off he makes an incredibly athletic leap to the top of my window declaring his "ownership"? Lol we have never seen him do this before or since. Please forgive the portion of the video where my husband runs to another part of the building to get a better view. It was worth it. Nothing short of amazing.

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