"Haunted Ladder Walking Down the Street By Itself"

Published March 6, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble "Do you believe in ghosts and the paranormal? You’d be surprised to hear how many people witness or experience unusual phenomena of the supernatural kind on a daily basis! If you don’t consider that a ladder, for example, can be haunted, the following video is here to prove you wrong. The world can be a pretty scary place if you know where to look! The ladder from this video is caught on camera walking down the street by itself! In pure daylight, step by step, down the street the ladder goes. It’s just too creepy for words. You can’t believe it until you’ve seen it, and we don’t blame you. But be careful, a belief in one paranormal phenomenon might lead you to think that all kinds of magical things are possible! Not to freak you out, but all of that Halloween horror stories and your childhood bad dreams might come true… Spooky..."