Jennifer Garner Reveals What She Realized At The Oscars

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Published: March 6, 2018

Internet being what it it, some creative people discovered the stock photos and decided to take the game a notch further. Long after the photo sessions were over and forgotten, Andras got a bit curious and searched for who and how his photos were being used.

Was she surprised! She discovered the whole meme pallet of herself and what each meant. But its not like she was not happy about it. The heart of the hide the pain Harold memes is that his smile seems quite artificial, an the comic part springs form the idea that he is trying to hide some grave pain behind his smile.

She is definitely smiling, but in this case she is just confused and a bit on the edge as to what happened to the chicken she forgot to take out of the oven. Although, as you can see in the video, after discovering the meme about her she has taken the time to even make it greater than it is. Putting some fresh ideas as to what popped in her head at the time the video was taken.

Now it is Jennifer Garner time to go a step ahead in the game. In this video he assumes the character behind his meme , giving a short training on how to use your inner strength and hide the pain behind a glowing smile, no matter what.

She has found it in her amuse to continue with the fun on the internet and take it to a whole other level. Jennifer Garner is poking fun at herself after going viral while clapping at the Oscars.

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