Dan Hils, Retired FOP Officer Talks About Keeping Citizens Safe

2 months ago

Dan Hils is concerned about the current status of keeping control of law and order. He will discuss what he sees to be the present trends in the ability of the police to achieve their ultimate duty: to keep citizens safe while protecting the Constitutional rights of those who threaten that safety. He will enlighten us about his experiences, both as president of the FOP and as a police officer.

Dan spent his career enforcing law and order. He recently retired from nearly 35 years of service with the Cincinnati Police Department and 8 years as president of the Fraternal Order of Police. During his FOP tenure, he proved himself to be an outspoken advocate for the approximately 1000 officers and 1,700 retired officers he represented. He proved himself to be a fighter on behalf of his ‘cops,’ advocating for them when they were treated unfairly, as well as in matters regarding their working conditions and the safeguards provided for them for their own safety.

At the End of the Dan Hils Segment Greg Lawson from the Buckeye Institute talks about HB344 which eliminates the authority of political subdivisions to levy replacement property tax levies after October 1, 2024.

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