This Rare Peacock Shakes His Tail In The Air Like He Just Doesn't Care

6 years ago

Out of all the glorious creatures that Mother Nature shipped up, little can be compared to the Indian peacock. The males especially are a marvel to behold, with their iridescent blue and green feathers. Their iridescence isn’t a product of the pigments themselves, but rather something called structural coloration, meaning that the feathers’ surfaces have microscopic structures so fine, that they interfere with light. So spectacular.

The only thing that is more spectacular than a male peacock flaunting his long, beautiful tail in bright sunlight is the white peacock. They are not a variety on their own, but rather a variation of the Indian peacock, also called leucistic or albino peacocks. This particular individual demonstrates just how beautiful they are on their own and boy, we can not take our eyes off him!

The pureness of his white plumage in contrast with the urban surroundings as he shakes those tailfeathers is just awestriking. There may not be a mate in sight, but he still likes to show who is the king of this land. And we believe him! This video was originally posted on YouTube and has garnered over 2 millions views since!

While they are incredibly rare, white peafowls are not, in fact, all albinos. There are some individuals who have completely white plumage, yet they preserve their natural brown eye color. True albino peacocks have a complete lack of melanin, the pigment that produces coloration in living organisms, resulting in the albino's characteristic red or pink eyes. Albino peacocks are born yellow and become fully white when they mature.

Credit to 'Shujat Ahmed'.

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