5 years ago

Tired Puppy Fights Sleep Over A Napping Baby

This video is a testimonial of a true undiluted love of a newly rescued puppy and its baby peer. The puppy gradually fell asleep on an already napping baby at her adoptive family's home.

The pup Callie, a Catahoula-Pit Bull mix, gazes at the napping baby boy as she gives her best to keep her own eyes open. The pup, only three months old, gazes at the camera for only briefly, and she gradually begins to doze off while she is standing up, and fights sleep opening her eyes over and over again. Young as she is, Callie sinks ever lower onto her paws struggling to find a more comfortable sleeping position: first trying to place herself in front of the baby, then moving to another position on the blanket set out on the flooring and trying to rest her head.

"Do you not know how to lay down honey?" asks the baby's father, holding the camera.

In the end, Callie resolves to just drop down precisely on the baby’s head, using it as a pillow as she slowly lets her tired eyelids drop, her wheezes becoming louder and louder

You can clearly hear how your laughter mixes with the baby's parents’ laugh, briefly waking Callie up.

However, Callie has now finally found her perfect human pillow, and with just a nippy change of position falls straight back to asleep.

The baby's family said Callie was a foundling, they just untied her from their fence one day and immediately got to liking her. They said she was the sweetest dog they had ever seen and, naturally had no second thoughts about adopting her immediately.

To make matters sweeter, both their baby son and Callie were three months old at the time the video was made and that soon, following this bonding nap time, became best playmates.

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