Clever Puppy tricks Pug

enkeithepug Published March 5, 2018 0 Plays

Rumble Sanka was only 16 weeks old in this video and Enkei was just over one year old. They are just the best of friends, and brothers too I guess! We call them brothers from another mother. Sanka is so sneaky and always has been, watch as he is eyeing up Enkei whilst he relaxes watching tv, Enkei isn't giving anything away. Sanka looks up to the window, as if to say there is something that has caught his attention and knows that Enkei will also look, as Enkei is really nosey. As Enkei does take a look to see what is there, watch Sanka glance back at Enkei to make sure his trick worked, and when he realises his trick has indeed worked, he uses his moment and grasps it with two paws! He pounces on Enkei and uses his opportunity to get one up on him. Enkei doesn't know what's going on as Sanka lunges at him... Poor Enkei, he is always being outsmarted by Sanka! Sanka is definitely the boss in this house hold, he rules the roost! Enkei has learned to deal with Sankas silly antics, after all, he is still a baby! Enkei doesn't always give in to Sanka, but majority of the time he does let him win.