Jacked up Joe! - Watchmen Radio -03/09/24

4 months ago

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Communism is a delusional system that makes everyone poor and miserable.

Chinese crossing the border, with multiple PERFECT fake IDs, sent to swing states, thanks to the angry Diaper Filler 2020 election stealer on drugs.

Sex and drug trafficking and violence are fine for #Democrats since it allows them to justify a police state and demonize #MAGA patriots, while hiding all news that doesn’t fit their lying narrative.

Facebook will censor your private communications, and will throttle your pro #Trump posts.

Illegal aliens ate prospered with free health care, cash assistance for each “citizen” baby, into new SUVs and trucks and clothes.

FBI, DOJ, #UniteBlue, and Communist Chinese are pulling out all stops to rig the 2024 election, but Trump said, “we’re not gonna let it HAPPEN this time!”

Television is programming of whoever watches, in unison to create evil narratives to control and destroy.

Democrats lied about destroying border security, and lied about abortion being restricted when it simply returned to the states, lying about the value of Mar-a-lago which has a vacant lot 1/20th its size worth $20 million next to it, AND YET liars claim it’s only worth $18 million

Worship Jesus, listen to your audio Bible and pray in the Spirit for blessings God wants for you, break witchcraft coming against you to unlock other blessings, and bind and rebuke demons devils and strongmen that oppose you for other blessings.

#God destroys liars, so pray the scriptural aggressive prayers of the Psalms.

There are no vegan dogs, it’s a delusional lie from their owners.

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