Toddler Hilariously Mocks His Pregnant Mom

Published March 5, 2018 38,035 Views $349.84 earned

Rumble / Babies & KidsBeing over 36 weeks pregnant while also caring for an 18 month old is never easy. Bending over to tie little one's shoes, never mind your own shoes, helping your toddler in and out of clothes, just simply sitting on the floor trying to soak in those last moments of your only child all the while a baby is kicking away at your ribs; all these simple, daily things require much effort.

Little did this mom know just how closely her toddler was watching her efforts and how much he was taking all in. As the pregnancy gets further and simple tasks become more difficult the house slowly turns into disarray. The dropped toys, scattered laundry and sheets, dropped items from her pregnancy clumsiness can wait a little longer.

Sampson starts to take matters into his own hands to help his mom out with the daily household chores that would normally require little effort. As she sits at a chair to take a breather and contemplate how difficult things have been and how silly she was for getting frustrated about not being able to complete simple tasks without strenuous effort, he starts walking around picking things up; groans and moans accompany his efforts in over exaggerations. Oh but he didn't just take in the sounds that accompanied his mother's efforts during her last trimester of pregnancy, he also took in the clumsiness that involved her dropping things too!

Picking up a toy only for them to slip out of his hands and repeating the process. In a moment of pure exhaustion and misery, Sampson brightened his mom's day and added much comedic relief during an otherwise uncomfortable and exhausting point in the pregnancy. Safe to say Sampson mastered the average mama in 3rd trimester to a 'T'!

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